Friday, June 15, 2012

Perfection -

This post is going to be a bit long, and for those of you still using dial-up (hopefully most of you are saying "what's dial up?"), I apologize. Seriously though, time for DSL or even better, FIOS. Trust me. The girl in the following photographs is unnamed. I spent forty minutes browsing the "models" page of Femjoy and still have no clue who she is. The photography isn't exactly spectacular either, since the poses are repetative and clearly the photographer was focused on the fact that this girl has absolutely amazing breasts. But yes, the other parts of her are awesome too. But don't just look at her breasts. Look at her FACE. I know... but yes, look at those eyes. This is a girl whose beauty is NOT just skin deep. There is intelligence back in there. There is mystery. There is deep and dark emotion. It's rare for me to say I want to meet the girls I post here on the Cream of Venus for anything other than... well, you know. But frankly, I would like to meet this girl, with her clothes ON, just to find out what makes her tick. I'm posting the entire gallery because the site I got it off of wasn't well organized. So enjoy some Femjoy.

This is my favorite shot of all.  Just look at that expression!

This is the Cream of Venus!