Thursday, August 30, 2012

Breast Bonus - Christy Marks

In order for most girls to be featured on the Cream of Venus, there is a certain... symmetry of balance required.  Occasionally I make exceptions, especially for small breasted girls who can be perfect in every other way.  Call it a reward for not getting implants.  (I hate implants!)   But there are rare occasions that a large breasted girl can be considered the cream of Venus as well, and Christy Marks, the girl in the shots below, qualifies.  Or at least her breasts do.

Kudos to the photographer for creativity as well. Christy is cute, relatively small framed, and her breasts... well... my God, could you imagine laying your head on those?  I can.  I can't help wishing I had Christy, a bottle of oil, and about a day and a half.